Umut Oran

Almost a Quarter Century ago, from now in 1992, there were targets we had set, there were promises we had given to ourselves when we were starting our journey together with a few number of my colleagues .
Lucky us, we have worked for Turkey, we have made investment in Anatolia for jobs in place, food and social peace.
So we have reached the targets one by one by working hard and disciplined, in unity, in togetherness, in solidarity and in share, we have opened up to the world. We carried our working and service quality to European and global level.
We have set and applied that production being in adaptation with the environment, with living creatures and with the local community and sustainability at all aspects as our primary principle, before it becoming widespread even in Europe.

Our principles which we will never abandon, with our human and environment-first approach;

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Supplier Satisfaction
  • Satisfaction of the Public

Nowadays while we are over a quarter century, we are also working on the changes and strategical conversions which will carry Domino Tekstil to the next quarter of the century . While never forgetting about the people, the environment, sustainability and our responsibility to our country, we are heading towards Industry 4.0 and digital revolution. We are seeking for new
models to serve our beautiful Turkey for many more 25 years.

Both at our management and production processes we take sustainability, transparency, traceability accountability, trust and being self reliance as our primary responsibility and values Despite all the successes we have achieved, we have never taken “Change is the real power.” mentality out of our head.

So we have switched to a brand new model in 2010 which is very uncommon but we believe will be the way more outspread in the future, by transferring all the authority and responsibility to company employees and the Board of Management formed by them. So we have proved that participation, sharing and solidarity are possible also in business life and we became a self managed company. While working in order to take Domino Tekstil to brand new horizons and a better future with the power we take from the past, we repeat our belief once more: “Those who will shape the future, will only be who believes in the power of the change!”
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody one by one, who believe in, trust and support us.

A better world is possible
A better Turkey is possible
A better Domino is possible…

May us have a safe journey!
Umut Oran