As Domino Tekstil, we care about the world and manage all our production processes in a way that will not prevent the future generations from meeting their needs.
Considering the social, economic and ecological dynamics, we are committed to taking steps that will positively affect economic development, human life and environmental balance and to improve our supply chain in this way in the interaction among these dynamics.
By taking sustainable development goals into our corporate culture, we take steps to beautify the world we live in with all our employees in order to achieve global goals.
In this direction, we advance our production processes in a transparent and traceable manner from the perspective of continuous change and development by setting targets focused on Water, Climate Change, Energy, Biodiversity and Sustainable Materials.



Our project, which we transformed textile garment waste generated by our production units into fabric raw materials and turned them into products to protect our natural resources and reduce harmful effects to the environment, is just one of the steps we have taken regarding the use of sustainable materials.




We continue to take steps to continuously improve the working environment in our factories by establishing a fair and reliable employee representation system in all of our factories and by regularly meeting with our representatives in order to create a working environment where employees and management can communicate in a sound manner in our production units.





We believe that we can help our employees and their families meet their basic needs, and even save some through the fair wage system we are working to achieve.
We aim to improve our employees’ sense of belonging to our company and to improve their living conditions with the salary they earn by following a fair, understandable and improvable method with the wage management system we have developed in line with the competencies and skills of all our employees.





With the SCORE project, which we carry out together with the international labor organization ILO, we create Business Improvement Teams in our production units and take concrete steps for continuous improvement of the working environment by organizing 2 full-day trainings. We carried out more than 500 improvement projects in production units in 2018.



We cooperate with various non-governmental organizations through carrying out projects for the adaptation of migrant employees working in our production units to the workplace and their colleagues.
Together with MUDEM, we organize trainings in their own languages for our migrant employees and establish wish-complaint systems that they can easily reach. In cooperation with United Work, we organize trainings for our migrant employees in their own language regarding their legal rights.





We set out with the aim of obtaining the energy used in our production units from renewable energy sources. We took several steps in 2019. By attending the Energy Producing Summit, we aim to obtain all the energy we use from renewable energy sources within 5 years.
We also analyze our energy consumption data, set targets and take measures to reduce our energy consumption.





Starting from the design phase of the products; we deliver our waste to recycling and disposal facilities licensed by the Ministry of Environment in a discipline that covers production consumption, waste generation, waste recycling and disposal. We measure our waste quantities and set targets to reduce them.
We support the Zero Waste Project. In this regard, we organize trainings on environmental awareness and waste management for all our employees.