Management Center and Factory

Domino Tekstil consistently renews its set of machinery and equipments and works for improving its service and product quality, for apparel products made with woven fabrics in its factory at Bolu. Domino Tekstil is an example with its social facilities and its environment friendly campus aside of its production facilities.

There is football pitch, volleyball pitch and a running and walking track and an exercise area within the campus in order to help our employees work in a healthy, peaceful and motivated way.

Our employees benefit from these facilities in their free time during work days as well as weekends.

Happiness of our employees are as a great value for us, as the happiness of our customers.

Our General Parameters

Factory: Bolu Domino
Partners in Production: Istanbul, Bolu, Sinop and other cities in Anatolia
Washing / Fashion Finish Partners: İstanbul, İzmir
Product Variety: Woven Classic Bottoms, All Denim and Non-Denim Pants, Skirt, Shorts, Bib and Braces, Vests, Unlined Jackets
Product Groups: Men, Women
Fabric Groups: Woven Denim and Non-Denim fabric
CAM System: Gerber Cutter
3D Design System: CLO
Code of Conduct / Sustainability systems
Quality Management System
Self Reliant System
Product Development and Efficiency Groups
Design Management


Sample Duration

Factory Capacity

Completion Time